For me, 2019 is about being an all-around more thoughtful human. The last five years have been an amazing but they were also a blur. I was so busy consuming new experiences that I sometimes forgot to sit back and enjoy what was happening around me.

This year is all about slowing down and doing things with more intention. I want to be more mindful of everything from big life-changing events (like my little sister’s marriage) down to packing my lunch and getting ready for bed at night. I’d like to try to find pleasure in all the fleeting moments, instead of rushing through one thing to get to the next.

I spend a lot of time feeling bogged down by never-ending daily to-do lists. This year I will let things fall through the cracks and be OK with it. I will cherish my loved ones, pets, home, personal belongings and myself and learn to appreciate what I already have.

A friend of mine once told me the reason he thought I had been successful is because I am never satisfied. While that is definitely true–and it’s gotten me a long way in life–I’d like to try and find some satisfaction this year. It’s exhausting to always be in pursuit of something new, or better or shinier or more exciting or more fulfilling or whatever.

Working on self-care and wellbeing is a priority this year. I plan on eating well, exercising, learning to relax, reading books, lighting candles, going to the beach, watching the sunset, cooking homemade meals, eating by candlelight, laying around in my pjs, and snuggling with Ramona. I hope to carve out time for myself and my passions while still learning new things and going on new adventures.

So, here’s to being more present in 2019 and finding a way to enjoy all it has to bring.