International Rescue Committee Watchlist 2023

International Rescue Committee 

Emergency Watchlist 2023

As Art Director at Column Five I partnered with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) to oversee the creation of the campaign identity and publication design for their 2023 Emergency Watchlist Report.

After we determined the look at feel for the campaign, I worked with an incredible team of our in-house designers to pull together the report on a very tight timeline.

The identity we created was used on marketing materials, ads and social media. Column Five’s team also created a video for the campaign using the creative direction as it’s foundation.

We design a supplementary  printed handout for the IRC team to use at in-person fundraising events. If you like this work you can see more non-profit fundraising work for San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance here.

Art Director: Shana Fiduccia | Designers: Hailey Papworth, Mariana Ramirez, Andrew Effendy | Video Team: Ryan Shoe 

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