Content Creation: Wellbeing

Sometimes I like to make content just for fun, it’s an exercise that helps keep me sharp. I pick a theme, plan out posts and execute the content creation. Since January is a time of rejuvenation in the new year, I created content around the theme of wellbeing to post on my personal social media all month long.

My personal collection of heart-shaped rocks. My favorite is the dark one at the bottom of the frame, I found it on the beach the day after I moved to California.

The pallet I chose was very soft and neutral to capture the calming nature of the theme. I focused on things that I personally use for self-care. That ensured that I would speak about them genuinely in my posts.

To me, wellbeing is about simple pleasures. The healing power of herbs and flowers, homemade comfort foods, a cup of tea with a hint of honey.

During the process of setting goals for the year I created a 30 day goal tracker for myself. You can download the file below if you’d like to try it out.

This was an interesting challenge. My apartment is pretty poorly lit and does not have a ton of space for shooting photos. I ended up setting up my studio lights around my coffee table. Various tiles and large sheets of paper were purchased as backdrops. The end result made me feel very calm and cozy and I hope it had the effect on people who saw it as well.