Design: Wildlife Conservancy Email No. 1

I love everything about working for the world-famous San Diego Zoo, but I secretly love the Wildlife Conservancy most of all. What we lovingly refer to as “The WC” raises money on behalf of the zoo’s global conservation efforts, so the work I do for them makes me feel like I’m contributing to ending extinction all over the world.

I don’t generally do large campaigns on their behalf (they work with an outside agency for a lot of their programs) I do occasionally get really fun one-off projects. My most recent endeavor was re-designing templates for their bi-weekly newsletter. Since this is an update for current or prospective donors on fieldwork their money is contributing to, and not a fundraising ask, we have a lot of flexibility to make these emails fun and engaging.

I feel like blog posts are an appropriate way to get to show off some of these smaller projects that I hold so dear to my heart. Here’s our first WC email of 2020, a recap of how 2019 funds were used. Enjoy!