Create: Bedazzled Beer Koozies

Be the most bitchin’ babe at summer bbqs with these bedazzled beer koozies. They’re basically the modern-day equivalent of a royal chalice and probably the easiest craft you’ll ever do.

Bedazzled Beer Koozies

Bedazzled Beer Koozies

  • $1 foam beer koozie (from Michael’s near the kids crafting stuff or from Amazon) I personally opted for glitter koozies for a little bit of extra bling.
  • Large plastic gems (also from Michaels or Amazon)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Sparkly foam letters if you want

Step 1: Hot glue giant gems onto blank foam koozies (I chose to use a glittery koozie as my base)

Step 1.5: Pick off all the stupid glue strings the hot glue gun left behind

Step 2: Jam your favorite beer in there and enjoy. I chose Saint Archer White Ale because it’s my favorite local craft beer and I thought using a craft beer would make me look cooler than I actually am.

Bedazzled Beer Koozie

I found myself identifying with the plight of Goldilocks in my quest for the perfect gems for this project. The first ones I bought were too small, the next ones I bought were medium-ish / still unsatisfactory but the last ones I bought were juuuust right. After two Amazon deliveries (one of which I paid for overnight shipping) and a secondary trip to Micheal’s I wound up with three pounds of sparkling plastic jewels.

Bedazzled Beer Koozies

If you’re feeling a personalized koozie but don’t have the energy for bedazzling you can also swoop up self-adhesive foam letters in the same aisle of Michael’s where they sell the blank koozies and let the world know what a boss bitch you are.

Bedazzled Beer Koozies

Since now I have a pretty enormous surplus of bedazzling jewels, does anyone out there have ideas for more bedazzling projects? I’m taking suggestions!