Dropbox Employer Brand Campaigns


Employer Brand Campaigns

Build the Future

I got the opportunity to art direct and collaborate on several campaigns for the Dropbox Employer Brand. For the Build the Future campaign the Column Five video team joined forces with a freelance illustrator and animator to bring the concept to life.

The video was the hero for the campaign. However, it also included a dedicated website landing page, static and animated social ads, Google Display and Reddit ads, and YouTube bumper ads in 6 and 15 second cut downs.

The theme for this campaign resonated so well with the Employer Brand that they ended up using it for various in-person events as well.

Is Dropbox Right For You?

Most campaigns for the Dropbox Employer Brand were structured with one hero asset that we built a distribution plan and ad buy around. For this campaign we created a flowchart quiz that was used both interactively online and in activations at in-person events and conferences. We crafted a unique creative direction for the campaign based on the Dropbox brand guidelines and created all of the assets around that.

Virtual First Means_______

For our “Virtual First Means____” campaign the hero asset was an interactive quiz meant to help you figure out what your ideal working type is: Remote, In Person, or Hybrid. Dropbox is a “Virtual First” company meaning that all positions are 100% remote, with a few key cities across the country that feature Dropbox Studios for collaboration.

You can view and take the interactive quiz here. There are some great animations that went along with the quiz to make it more engaging as you take it

If you like this work check out the Elum Summer of Stationery campaign.

Art Directors: Shana Fiduccia, Walter Olivares, Phuong Din | Designers: Amy Jasinksi, Shana Fiduccia, Rendell Ascueta | Motion/Animation: Jimmy Simpson, Garner Dumas, Charlie Noard 

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