San Diego Zoo Wildlife Explorer’s Basecamp

San Diego Zoo

Wildlife Explorer’s Basecamp

Quite literally the largest project I’ve ever worked on was the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Explorer’s Basecamp. It was massive both is scale of the pieces and amount of work that was accomplished. The design team and writers worked in small groups to conceptualize panel artwork and content for all of the new habitat.

The most satisfying part of the project was watching the pieces go from rough sketches I made on my iPad to fully realized illustrated murals and panels. It’s such a joy to go to the Zoo and see children and families interacting with the installations.

I was a design supervisor at the zoo during this project so I helped oversee the visual narratives and maintain the consistency in the pieces that were created. I had the pleasure of working with two incredible illustrators during this process who brought some of my rudimentary pencil sketches and the entire Wildlife Explorer’s Basecamp to life. Amy Blandford–the zoo’s in-house illustrator–and Olga Griesinger–an incredible freelance designer who stepped in to help out with the two bee murals seen above. I exclusively oversaw the been murals, from conception to installation.

If you like this project you can see some of the fundraising appeals I created for Komodo Kingdom and The Hummingbird Habitat, which were renovated as part of the Children’s Zoo expansion.

Design Team Lead: Shana Fiduccia | Illustrators: Amy Blandford, Olga Greisinger | Designers: Shana Fiduccia, Stephanie Pagaduan, Amy Blandford | Writer: Donna Parham (*Note this is only for the work pictured above, many more amazing designers were was involved in the overall creation of the Wildlife Explorer’s Basecamp) 

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