Copper Key Web 3 Agency Brand Design

Copper Key

Copper Key Web3 Agency Brand Design

Column Five started a web3 focused sub-agency called Copper Key. They originally enlisted a freelancer to do the branding and but their work didn’t align with the vision for the brand. I had the opportunity to team up with two of the other Art Directors at C5 to reimagine Copper Key in a bold new way.

We created a vibrant and flexible system. Our templated approach allows us to experiment with layering in AI generated imagery and copy while still keeping a consistent brand aesthetic.

We’re currently in the process of building out a website and doing targeted ads to generate leads specific to web3 marketing.

If you like this work check out the brand identity I art directed for the web3/crypto company ThorFi.

Art Directos: Shana Fiduccia, Jean-Remy Bena, Phuong Din | Designers: Jou Guo, Shana Fiduccia, Jean-Remy Bena

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