Life Inside Dropbox


Life Inside Dropbox

As an Art Director at Column Five, we partnered with Dropbox Talent Brand to help attract top applicants. We produced engaging content for blogs, social media, paid ads and more. This content featured stories from Dropbox employees, behind-the-scenes insights, and the perks of being a Dropboxer.

During the engagement, I was the lead Art Director on the account. My role required me to collaborate with the internal team at Dropbox and Column Five’s strategist and designers to create a strategic, visually engaging and on-brand experience for potential applicants. We also used this an an opportunity to engage with current employees and help instill a sense of pride in their workplace by using the employer brand platform to share their stories.

We developed a style guide based on the Dropbox brand guides, designed templates for social media channels to streamline production, and crafted custom icons, animated stickers and highlight reels for social media. We even created an animated logo for their employer brand name and hashtag: Life Inside Dropbox.

During quarterly brainstorms we generated content ideas aligned with Dropbox’s strategic hiring goals, locations, and priority job openings. We used those ideas to created ads and content tailored to those objectives.

We also used UGC from employees gathered by the Dropbox internal team to ensure the content was authentic to the true employee experience.

We established a cohesive visual style for organic content across platforms such as the blog, Instagram, and LinkedIn. We also designed targeted content and paid ads for their blog, Google, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor.

In my role I ideated on content and campaigns for the account, art directed and supervised the creation of all the design and production assets and provided consultation and brand evaluation on video and motion content in collaboration with Column Five’s internal video team.

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Art Directors: Shana Fiduccia, Walter Olivares | Designers: Amy Jasinksi, Shana Fiduccia | Motion/Video: Garner Dumas, Alex Kennel

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