ThorFi Rebrand

I got the opportunity to team up with Thor Financial, a crypto company looking to rebrand to gain recognition as the foremost thought leader in blockchain innovations that bridges the gaps between DeFi and GameFi.

We started with a series of moodboards to try to capture the right balance of innovative and trustworthy. Once the client felt aligned with a direction we moved into crafting the new brand identity in conjunction with a strategist to ensure the new brand would also meet strategic goals.

Once the brand identity was complete, we designed a launch campaign around it which was meant to build excitement and improve brand sentiment leading into the reveal of the updated branding.

This campaign included pre-launch social posts, website overhaul, a high-production launch video, a complete overhaul of all their social media channels, and merch design.

We also created a custom set of social media templates so after the launch the ThorFi team would have a toolkit to work from for putting together consistently branded social posts.

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Art Directors: Shana Fiduccia, Walter Olivares, Phuong Din | Designers:  Shana Fiduccia, Mariana Ramirez, Andrew Effendy  | Motion/Animation: Good Secrets, Micah Bartel, Garner Dumas 

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